Enterprise Security

Powerful multi-data-source correlations, threat intelligence, adaptive response automation and dynamic prioritisation.

User Behavioural Analytics

Leverage signatureless detection and intelligent peer group analysis to detect ‘insider threat’ within your estate at scale.

Industrial Asset Intelligence (IOT)

How do you monitor the performance and management of your manufacturing lines or IOT devices easily and at scale?

IT Service Intelligence

Enable predictive analytics in your IT estate; link monitoring to service KPIs and build relationships between different systems

Value Driven Consultancy Capabilities

Imagine a market driven by outcome-based consultancy, focused on delivering quick time-to-value and capabilities to customers- but without breaking the bank.

What if we could develop re-usable models to ‘kickstart’ client environments without charging different clients for the same work over and over?

What if a consultancy business was a strategic partner bought into your vision and success from the get go?

What if we could get you to measurable business value reliably, repeatably, and quickly?


Identify Business Value

Rather than focus on the problem; we focus on the benefit we can deliver for our clients and prioritise against a clear definition of success

Prioritise Effectively

Adopting lean & agile principles allows us to cut work into measurable increments that can be prioritised against the business value statement

Reap the rewards

Build a smart roadmap to leverage measurable outcomes & ROI before the end of your implementation to see project success

Machine Learning

Utilise machine learning to predict and prevent system outages to avoid significant businesses impact. Let your Splunk environment learn the patterns of outages and incidents and be able to predict changes before impact is felt

Automation & Orchestration

Build toolsets & simplified processes to deploy, manage, maintain and enhance Splunk at scale. Automate & Orchestrate your IT / Security & Business processes. Allow lower risk alerts to automatically act- and let humans focus on high priority incidents

Bespoke Solutions
Visualisation & Context

Taking data and visualising it in a new and contextual way specific to business needs is a challenge we love to face. Sometimes ‘standard’ approaches to data visualisation don’t service the requirements of the client. We have exhaustive experience in building bespoke visuals and extending Splunk’s capabilities

Integrations & Insight

Most companies have bespoke solutions and IT services that are critical to the operation of the company. We have years of experience in dealing in non-standard data sources to add rich insight, context and integration with Splunk

Toolchains & Capabilities

Sometimes its about more than just Splunk. Its about the management, maintenance and the ecosystem it will exist within. Building toolsets and streamlined processes to deploy, manage, maintain and enhance Splunk at scale is the future we will help you achieve

Understanding that today’s technology is growing more complicated, we allow our clients to focus on their business while we deliver success and work towards a smarter, data led horizon

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