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Join us! We’re hiring
We are looking for those passionate to deliver excellence, curious to always push the boat out and those who grab opportunities for personal growth. But first, let us tell you a little about who we are and what we are working to achieve as a business.

We’re very VERY community oriented, too; it ‘fields good’ to give back and provide the next generation get onto the ladder in any way we can. We donate IT equipment to local schools in our team’s communities, and we sponsor IT community events.

We very strongly encourage our team members to join in community groups and meet-ups, actively.

We work across multiple industry verticals and technology segments; financial businesses, telecoms, public sector, manufacturing, eCommerce and all in-between.

We aim to solve complex challenges and ‘level up’ our clients across their Security, IT Ops and IoT environments; leveraging automation, machine learning and open source to ensure they always get the best RoI.

We’re a consultancy in the Big Data and Security Analytics arena, specifically working with products like Splunk.

We’re experienced, and trying to do things in a new way- oriented towards creating ‘automatable’, repeatable, re-usable components on top of best-of-breed applications and frameworks, so that our customers (mostly large enterprises) can get to business value quickly and efficiently, with measurable and significant RoI in weeks or months not months or years.


We work primarily with Splunk as a vendor and as a professional services partner, and we have a number of partnerships with large resellers who have limited technical specialisms in the subject- that’s where we fill the gap.

Who we want to hear from
Like what you’ve heard so far? What sort of people are we looking for?

We are looking for people passionate about delivery; we are a professional service consultancy who work with customers across the globe.

Some of the things you’d get involved in would be:

  • Hands on technical deployment and configuration activities
  • Code development
  • Devising and leading  workshops
  • Creating technical documentation
  • Designing large and small deployment architectures
  • all things that help our customer feel they have great service from a trusted partner.

We can potentially work with almost anyone, if the fit is right for us.

Confidence: ability to explain complex things in simple ways, ability to quickly form dynamic teams, and the very rare ability to lead a room of people who almost certainly think they know better than you- these skills are all essential for the customer-facing work, but we don’t expect you to have them all on day 1 if you haven’t worked that way before.

Competence: subject matter experts and those passionate to learn new technologies and capabilities. Those who revel in diving deep and learning more.

We don’t expect everyone to be perfect; we all specialise in different areas and personal development and support will be in place from day one to support you in areas where you want to expand your horizons.


You’ll be working with clients to solve big problems and deliver value based outcomes. Be it helping them solve IT Ops challenges; predicting faults before they occur, assisting with visibility and reporting into their estate or developing custom integrations to critical infrastructure.

Or you might end up working with a customer to solve Cyber Security challenges; detecting external attacks, insider threats and providing them peace of mind knowing their company is protected and visible to stop the bad actors first!

The offer for our team members
The offer is simple: competitive salaries with gated pay rises based on obtaining technical qualifications, and field-readiness. Training and Development is a must to enable continuous development and a leadership who cares.

We’re all always learning, we should be curious! Personal and technical development are both priorities for us, and we’ll pay for your essential tech training, and we’ll consider sponsoring other training and learning opportunities too; that degree you wanted to go for? A new skill or development language? Go for it!

Subscription to O’Reilly Safari Books Online is standard for everyone in the team so you always have the right tools to hand.

So, when it comes to your personal development, we are your biggest fans! Wether it be something you are passionate about, turning a hobby into a skill, or attending university! Making you your best self is one of our core values for all members of the 13Fields family.


The Specifics;

  • 40 days holiday inclusive of public holidays
  • Good pension contributions into ethical funds
  • Conference attendance worldwide at key events to learn and enjoy
  • Training & Development opportunities out of this world
  • Tidy IT kit; cos who doesn’t like that?
  • Sensible travel and expenses policies to make travel easy
  • Various perks and extra benefits outside of workday

And, of course, competitive salaries, are all offered from day 1!

Additionally, regular team events and a summer escape to spend time away as a team as critical to building a fantastic working environment.

Part-time Co-working for consultant in Tramshed Tech (Cardiff), AvenueHQ (Liverpool) or WeWork / similar in other cities, so you can get the table tennis / table football / free-as-in-coffee environment and see other humans.


Most of our work tends to involve some level of travel in UK/Europe, and occasionally further afield; that said, a lot is still home-based or shared-workspace based, and our preference for our team members is that they try to stay local to their homes when possible rather than dragging them to an office for a 9-5 grind.

Customer engagements differ, however, and we always encourage clients to support remote working opportunities for the productivity benefits it brings (and therefore the value proposition!) when we do need to be out on the road we want to make it simple; good hotels and sensible travel arrangements to keep travel as stress free as possible. 

Starting with an enablement phase to equip you with the skills you need in the first 3 months and get straight into shadowing and learning from the wider team and customers alike.

Keeping the job fun and exciting along the way; ensuring we are identifying your strong points and opportunities to show them off whenever possible. We want to see those amazing development idea’s, solutions to problems and passions out on the table so we can help make them happen.

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It goes without saying, but we’re also very equalities-oriented; we promote diversity and want to see a sea-change in equality across STEM roles and we love to work with those keen to help improve our industry as well.

So what do you need to do? Drop your CV in our mailbox! 

Write us an email about yourself and what excites you when it comes to tech; let’s review and have a chat on how you and 13Fields fit and take it from there.

So if you got this far its time to hit the ‘Get in touch’ button and apply now!