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Starting something from scratch can seem daunting. 13Fields is the start of an amazing journey to build a new and innovative Splunk delivery practice. Leveraging over 30 years experience in large corporates, consultancy businesses, building teams around Splunk & DevOps and leading the way in consultancy around the usage of Splunk as a SIEM we have plenty of experience that we want to share.

We have a vision of changing the consultancy model with Splunk to deliver on value and outcomes; moving away from traditional ‘bum on seats’ which neither gives real value and doesn’t motivate team to deliver excellence. Instead, we are building our business on expertise, specialisms and leveraging automation. Being able to deliver real business value to a fixed outcome in the most efficient way possible while also meeting the business aims and requirements to ensure we see a fast turnaround to delivering real ROI.

We take the view that its not deploying Splunk in your environment that adds value, but what you plan to do with it; what business challenge or opportunities do you have by leveraging Splunk in your organisation? Building that roadmap of continual value and prioritisation is the difference between a good deployment and a great and successful deployment. We passionately believe in sharing this methodology with customers to deliver on the trifecta of people, process and technology to create scalable solutions that customers can own and continually deliver their own value without the need for ongoing, long-term consultants to gain insight. 

Steve Jobs once said;

“Get closer than ever to your customers, so close, in fact, that you tell them what they need before they realise it themselves ” 

and we feel that is a powerful statement on our approach. Helping our customers and fellow Splunk users / adopters get the most of our their deployment before they even realised the opportunities they have.

Enabling our customers to deliver value is one of our key tenants and ensuring the vision of Splunk and its application in your business stays alive long after the consultants have left the building. 

Get in touch

If you are interested in looking at a way of driving real value, enablement and outcomes with Splunk then get in touch; we’d love to talk with you about what it is we are doing. We have lots of new services and capabilities coming on line throughout 2019 that it will be exciting to share with you 

till then, keep an eye on us on Twitter & LinkedIn for updates on what we are working on, our latest announcements and our ‘Fields Good‘ initiatives we are running. 

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